(X)sites Kattegattleden 2021

Site: Helsingborg
Artist: Franziska Agrawal

Agrawal’s work subject is neither form nor figure. Her architectural art installations show something without similarities and are influenced by concepts of concrete art, minimalism and geometry with focus on ‘aesthetic essence’ coming ‘directly from the mind’ – emerging from yogic science and philosophy – it’s about balance, the aesthetic reduction to the maximum thus transforming of what is.

“The goal of concrete art is to develop objects for spiritual use, much like man shanks objects for material use.” Max Bill

Lenght of “The Wave”: 30,6 meter

I – Concept:
Concept concrete art, minimalism & Reduction to the maximum, Aesthetic in space, It is what it is, Liberated from meaning & Open for individual interpretation

II – Specific location on Site
aesthetic association: Natural element water (the Wave) & geometric mathematical 45 degree angle of typical Swedish coastline landscape (rooftop 45 degree angle) , Make space more visible / details become seen, Placement of object: East to west; From the Ocean and Open Waters towards Ängelholm Kommune, Analogy or contrast, Structure and Light, Ground movement & angle

II – Connection & Communication
Earth & Sky; Water & land; Village / living space & empty natural space; Zigzag : upper & lower part (All dimensions of space); Open & Closed; Visual connection wth ground & Sky; Bridge between; Interaction; Communication

IV – Space experience – Object & Body
Exercise for the mind and the Body Space experience , Performance happen through aesthetic, haptic impulse of a place; Movement in different landscape; From where to look to find the right spot ; What’s visible and how far (meaning open space, grass, ground, plants, stone ect.); Visual and aesthetic connection between the ground and the sky; Open & closed ; ground movement, angle; Given shapes, geometry, natural forms; Visual connection points or visual markers; Finding the center point and finding balance (visual balance) ; Symmetry creating balance or certain aesthetic points in composition

V – Space experience
Perspective change; interdimensional /interdimensionalism; The 2-dimensional versus the 3-dimensional; Distance to the object / objectivity to the object; Perspective changes when moving; Light and perspective changes landscape and object; Aesthetic form and shape; Geometry